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Human Rights Is Not A Gift It’s A Right. It is so important for everyone to have access to the essentials of life like food, clean water, housing, education, and healthcare. I believe that we can live in a community where all humans in the City of Iowa City can have access to these things. I believe that everyone that is working should at least make a livable wage so that they can afford to get all of these things. If we have these human rights frameworks in place our community will overcome fear, and impoverishment while providing a society that provides human safety.

Transportation: The lack of appropriate transportation continues to be a barrier limiting people access outside of their neighborhoods.  This creates unintentional consequences and increases the risk of traumatic events.  Transportation limitations inhibit individuals living life to the fullest.  Ensuring access to transportation for all will allow increase exposure and engagement within Iowa City which will naturally foster opportunities and aspirations from simply being exposed to something new.  

Inclusion: Embracing difference, cultivating talents and living our differences and talents together. Being intentional with getting voices at the table even when views and opinions are opposing.  Through these voices at the table, we will see negotiations began and compromise of what can be agreed to live with and will remain a agree to disagree element. 




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